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Clear Coating Suggestion

As we do NOT warranty any of the Decals we sell:  We strongly recommend you clear coat Decals that are over 10 years old.  

One common problem people experience when using waterslide paper is caused by not using enough sealer. Using an acrylic sealer is required to prevent the ink from bleeding

or cracking when the waterslide decal is placed into the water.   Three coats or more are highly recommended, waiting several hours between coats. The first coat should

be fairly light. The second coat should be a bit thicker. The third coat should be heavier and allowed to dry for at least a day.  Some customers prefer to wait as much as 24 hours

between applications to ensure Decal is fully cured and ready to transfer in the water. (Recommended) After sealing with an acrylic spray some customers use epoxy to completely

waterproof and protect their decals. Tutorials for this can be found on YouTube and goes beyond the scope of these quick tips.

Two examples are Testors Bonder Spray and Micro Decal Film. If you can recommend any others we would be happy to hear about them!