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8A Decs

Most of our decals are printed using a high quality Laser printer, however there are some restrictions, most notable is that we cant print SILVER, GOLD and WHITE colors. The printings are done on high quality paper with the perfect thickness for your models, sometimes we do printings on clear white or clear blue paper. Due its nature, Laser printed decals are opaque and translucent because to the lack of a white background, but once applied on white painted surfaces they look the same as conventional silk screen decals.

The advantage of using our decals, is that unlike our competitors, they don't require clear coat sealing, this prevents your decals to have a "step look finish" on the surface. However we recommend to clear coat your entire work once finished. This is recommended to seal and give a glossy finish to your model kit.

Look for this icon to identify Laser printed decals

Look for this icon to identify the decals scale options

Recently were adding HALF MEDIA sets to our decal range,

this means that the decal set contains both laser printed and silk screen sheets.


Just trim off the subject, dip it into water for 10 seconds and slide it on the kit. These decals are easy to use and require no particular precaution.


-Decals are resistant to scratches and folds.
-Our decals are applied in the same manner as a conventional decal, the only
difference is that you have to cut each one separately.
-They react normally to the use of setting solutions, such as fasteners and softeners. (microsol, mark setter etc).


In the near future we plan to add some full Silk Screen sets to our range, these kind of decals are applied in the conventional way, just as the decals you will find on a kit.

We print decals only as they are ordered. This ensures that the decals are fresh and never out of stock.
This also allows us to make corrections and additions to each set if needed.